Digital Action Research

New Momentum offers social media research and consultancy for social change


Social media for social change

Communication shapes the world around us. But nowadays, media technology plays a role of increasing importance. For example, algorithms distort how we communicate by tailoring our timelines to provide a personalized version of reality.

Or is it a polarized version?

New Momentum believes that social media can be used as a force of good: we leverage social media for positive change on the internet. We research digital media networks to develop campaigns that break through filter bubbles and catalyze social change.


Social media for
societal innovation

Societies reinvent themselves over and over again. We help to understand, use and follow the role of social media.


Societal friction sets things in motion.


Change starts once ideas break through bubbles.


Ideas are embraced and shape the world around us.


Digital action research for
positive change

Picture of New Momentum's office.

1. Digital


We map societal undercurrents on the internet.

We identify online communities, explore what they say, find influential content creators, and show the role of algorithms, bots, and trolls.

2. Strategy &

We join the forces of online creatives to break through filter bubbles and catalyze social change.

We connect target audiences and influencers with our clients to work on game-changing media campaigns.

3. Monitoring 

& evaluation

We follow how audiences respond to campaigns and measure societal impact.

We study the impact of social and behavioral change campaigns using cutting-edge methods shared with and reviewed by the academic community.


We work for companies, NGOs, and societal initiatives


Our team

Partners and clients

Social change is teamwork